Amazonite Meaning - Healing Properties and Uses

Amazonite: The crystal of endurance and resilience

In this article, we will explore the properties and uses of Amazonite, a beautiful green crystal that has been used for various purposes since the Neolithic era. From its origins near the Amazon River to its association with the divine feminine, Amazonite is a powerful crystal with many benefits.

Strength and endurance

One of the main properties of Amazonite is its ability to provide strength and endurance. Unlike other crystals that provide a quick burst of energy, Amazonite focuses more on long-term endurance and resilience. It helps us move through obstacles with ease and grace, just as the Amazon River slowly grows and replenishes the earth over time. It promotes self-confidence and can help you be more focused and effective in your daily life.

Soothing and healing

Amazonite is also known for its soothing and healing properties. If you are looking for a general soothing of the body, wearing Amazonite near the heart can be very helpful. Amazonite helps to calm the nervous system and promote relaxation without making you too relaxed or ineffective.

Discovering Your Truth

Amazonite is an ideal crystal to help you discover your truth and express yourself authentically. It works with the heart chakra to help you connect to your desires and passions, and it can also help the throat chakra improve your ability to communicate effectively. If you feel stuck or unsure of what to do, Amazonite can help you connect to your inner wisdom and make decisions with confidence and clarity.

Creating Harmony and Luck

It’s also known for its ability to create harmony and bring good luck. If you are looking to create a peaceful environment in your home, you can place small pieces of Amazonite around the periphery of your home or create harmony by burying pieces of Amazonite in the soil of a plant in your home. If you are looking to attract good luck into your life, you can hold three pieces of Amazonite or a piece of Amazonite jewelry and light a turquoise candle. Set your lucky intention and let the candle burn down, then wear your Amazonite jewelry or carry your Amazonite pieces to attract luck into your life.

Connecting to Nature

Also, it’s an ideal crystal for connecting with nature and the environment. If you wish to connect with nature spirits or water realms, Amazonite can be a key to opening those doors. It can also be used to protect natural environments.


Amazonite is a powerful crystal with many benefits, from promoting strength and stamina to soothing the body and helping us discover our truth. Whether you are looking to create harmony in your home, bring more luck into your life, or connect with nature and the environment, Amazonite can be a useful tool. Experiment with different ways of using Amazonite and see what works best for you. With its beautiful green color and powerful properties, Amazonite is truly a crystal of endurance and resilience.