Carnelian Meaning - Healing Properties and Uses

Carnelian: The Crystal Of Fertility, Creativity, and Sensuality

Carnelian, a beautiful orange chalcedony, is a crystal whose color comes from iron oxides. It comes in a range of colors from soft orange to pink and black. Gem-quality carnelian, a stunning orange, is sometimes known as the blood of Isis, as it is associated with the Egyptian goddess of magic and fertility. Carnelian is a fertility crystal that is believed to bring abundance into your life. It helps you bring magic, gives you the courage to make changes, and gives you the ability to manifest anything you want in your life.

It is perfect for working with the sacral chakra. It helps stimulate the sacral chakra when it is underactive. For a lot of people, especially women in Western societies, this is really interesting because a lot of them have an underactive sacral chakra because of negative emotions that impact this chakra, like guilt. Guilt for indulging in the pleasures and joys of life is associated with our sacral chakra. If you have problems with joy in life, if there is a lot of guilt in your life, if you lack creativity or can't be creative or think imaginatively, or even feel comfortable forming intimate relationships with other people, all of this may suggest that you have an underactive sacral chakra, and carnelian will be an excellent stone to work with.

You can spend some time each day meditating with the crystal, and even place it on your sacral chakra, just below your navel, and visualize this vibrant orange sphere of light. Feel the energy coming back into that energy center. You can also wear a piece of carnelian, ideally in your pocket or near this area, so that the energy constantly feeds this chakra throughout the day.

Carnelian is a fertility crystal. A lot of people start to panic and say, "Oh, my God, I don't want to work with this crystal, it's going to get me pregnant." But when we talk about fertility, there can be fertility in making a difference in your life. First of all, this is a recommended crystal when you are trying to have a baby. It's especially great for men who work with Carnelian because it helps them develop their manhood. It contributes to their male libido when they are trying to create a baby. On the other hand, carnelian brings passion back into the bedroom. It turns sex into love, so it is very useful in this sense. However, you can use Carnelian for all kinds of work whenever you want to share something new in your life.

The advantage of Carnelian lies in its energy. It gives you the courage to go all the way and keeps you going. Often we have a great idea. Carnelian is a very good stone to program and uses to maintain enthusiasm. This is why carnelian is very useful for attracting new money into one's life, finding a new job for a partner, etc. It's also a very good stone to help you adapt to changes, especially when you're having success with fertility, especially if you can find a pink-orange one which is really good for dealing with the new responsibilities of parenthood, dealing with a new job, or dealing with new obligations, Carnelian is balanced with the things that are moving forward in life.

Carnelian is a crystal of sensuality. If you lack confidence sexually, wearing a carnelian or putting it in the bedroom will help you to truly enjoy the experience and pleasures of love. Surrounded by red candles, it really brings passion to the bedroom. However, you don't need to keep that sensuality in the bedroom. For connecting with the feminine energy, wearing it brings out the goddess in you, this works great with Isis or any type of goddess you've encountered. I recommend building a small altar that honors your inner goddess and placing crystals like Carnelian or Lapis Lazuli, and any other crystal that you resonate with and that honors you. You get to enjoy relationships and get what you want out of them and ask for what you want in any relationship, whether it's romantic, family, professional, or otherwise. Carnelian gives you the courage and vibrancy to do so. It's not just in romantic relationships. Carnelian helps you find sensuality and the simple pleasures of life. You know, things like enjoying a cup of tea, pleasant music, beautiful scenery, carnelian really allows you to appreciate that and gives you permission to do that.

When you are ready to work with your carnelian, you must first cleanse it. The first technique is fire, because of its vitality. The vitality of fire brings transformation. Passing the carnelian through the flame of a candle or moving it a little away from an open fire is an excellent way to cleanse it. Alternatively, you can use the sun. The sun really promotes growth, new changes, and new experiences. Leaving carnelian in the sun, early in the morning or late in the afternoon, so that the color is not affected, is another excellent way to cleanse it.

As far as animal guides go, the rabbit is an excellent guide to consult when working with Carnelian. The rabbit teaches us to do things in small steps, to work with the lunar cycle, to send a goal for the next 28 days at the new moon, to manifest it at the next new moon, and to move forward little by little, one small jump at a time until we reach our final goal.

From an astrological standpoint, carnelian resonates best with bars, and Mars rules Tuesday. Tuesday will be the best day to do all your work and meditation, cleansing, and programming because Mars rules that day and brings vitality and progression. It is an excellent crystal for the sacral chakra. It is a crystal that I recommend to many people because we do not enjoy the simple pleasures and joys of life.