Emerald Meaning - Healing Properties and Uses

Emerald: The crystal of wisdom and abundance

Emeralds are often associated with expensive jewelry, but these gems are much more than just a symbol of wealth and luxury. In this article, we will explore the different forms of emerald and how this crystal can be used for spiritual guidance, abundance, healing and more.

Emerald Shapes

Emeralds come in many different forms, from faceted gems to tumbled stones and even in matrix form. The beauty of emerald is that it can be found at a variety of prices, many starting at around $20. This makes it an ideal crystal for anyone, regardless of budget.

One of the unique properties of emerald is its balance of abundant energy and wisdom. Kings, queens and great rulers have competed for emeralds for thousands of years because of this balance. Let’s explore the different ways emerald can be used to bring these benefits into your life.

Developing Wisdom and Understanding

Emerald has long been associated with the search for knowledge, wisdom and truth. If you are looking to develop your wisdom and understanding, emerald can be an excellent crystal to use. Wearing a piece of emerald while you study can help you not only retain knowledge, but also understand it on a deeper level.

Finding the Truth

In a world where everyone has an opinion and can share it on the Internet, finding the truth can be difficult. Emerald can help you find the truth by providing strength and wisdom. If you're not sure whether something is true or not, sit with an emerald for a moment and let its energy help you find what is true and authentic.

Spiritual Guidance

The emerald can also be used for spiritual guidance. If you have a spiritual book or text you are working with, try placing an emerald on it.  After holding it for five minutes, take a deep breath and open the book to a random page - this is the guidance you need right now.


Emerald is a powerful crystal of abundance. It helps us understand that abundance is not just about the accumulation of wealth, but also about quality of life, friendships and love. If you want to bring more financial abundance into your life, hold an emerald in your writing hand and visualize what that abundance looks like. Another technique is to place a small emerald in a bowl of dates, which are a symbol of fertility and abundance.

Love and relationships

Wearing the emerald near your heart can help you clarify your heart's desires and the type of partner you are looking for. In addition, emerald can help women accept their changing bodies and love themselves for who they are.


Emerald is a powerful healing crystal. Its energy moves back and forth, allowing it to balance yin and yang energies. Placing an emerald on your body can help bring harmony and balance to your chakras and energy centers. In addition, the emerald can help you understand which foods, crystals and herbal extracts are best for you and your specific health needs.

Connecting to Nature

Emerald can also be used to connect with mystical gnomes, protectors of natural areas and the elemental energy of the earth. Take a walk in a natural area and respect the environment. Sit with a piece of emerald and make a desire to connect with the gnomes. They can communicate with you in many ways, but the emerald can facilitate this connection.


Emeralds are not just a symbol of wealth and luxury. They can be used for spiritual guidance, abundance, healing and connection with nature and the elemental energy of the earth. Whether you wear an emerald piece or as a specimen or tumbled stone.