Lepidolite Meaning - Healing Properties and Uses

Lepidolite: The crystal of calm and balance

Lepidolite, a type of mica, is a unique crystal known for its calming and balancing properties. It’s purple or pink color is due to the presence of lithium, which is also used medically to stabilize people with mental disorders. In this article, we will explore the benefits of lepidolite and how it can help you through stressful times in your life.

Grounding and Karma

Lepidolite is not the only crystal known for its grounding and karma properties. Other crystals such as hematite, red jasper, smoky quartz and blue lace agate are also excellent for grounding and balance. However, lepidolite is distinguished by its unique color and the way it grows into thin, scaly leaves that resemble fish scales.

When you feel uncomfortable or off balance, holding a piece of lepidolite and taking seven deep breaths can help you feel more centered and grounded. You can carry it with you throughout the day during times of stress to help you stay calm and balanced.

Stabilizing properties

The stabilizing properties of lepidolite come from lithium, which is used medically to stabilize people with bipolar disorder. When you are going through a major life change, such as a move, job change, marriage or loss, lepidolite can help you stay calm and centered. Its violet color guides you spiritually and keeps you grounded in times of stress.

Crown Chakra Balance

Lepidolite is also ideal for working on the crown chakra. The crown chakra is responsible for spiritual connection, but an overactive crown chakra can cause problems connecting with people on a physical level. Lepidolite can help balance the crown chakra and restore balance. Placing a piece of lepidolite on your forehead and visualizing a soft purple ball can help you balance your crown chakra and feel more spiritually connected.

Use of Lepidolite

There are many ways to use lepidolite to help you in times of stress or for spiritual development. You can wear a piece on your person, hold it while meditating or place it on your forehead to balance your crown chakra. You can also place it near water to help rebalance its energy or use violet leaf essential oil to diffuse its calming properties.


Lepidolite is a unique and powerful crystal that can help you stay calm and balanced in times of stress. Its violet color and grounding properties make it an excellent addition to any crystal collection. Whether you are looking to balance your crown chakra, access the akashic records or simply stay grounded in times of stress, lepidolite is a crystal you should consider.