Ruby Meaning - Healing Properties and Uses

The Ruby : The fire crystal of passion and power

Rubies have been cherished by kings and queens for centuries. Their fiery and powerful energy has been admired for its ability to ignite passion and personal power. However, you don't have to be a member of the royal family to possess Ruby magic. Small cut rubies can be found for as little as twenty dollars at your local crystal shop or online. In this article, we will explore the properties and uses of rubies, including their connection to love, motivation and protection.

The Power of the Ruby

Ruby is a powerful crystal that can help you embrace your own personal power and be your own king or queen. Its energy is fiery and passionate, making it an excellent love stone. It is believed to help attract new and passionate love into your life and rekindle passion in long-term relationships. They can also make the bedroom a more passionate and loving place and make lovemaking more spontaneous and fun.

But rubies aren't just for romantic love. They can also help you find your inner passion for life. If you're feeling unenthusiastic and unmotivated, meditating with a Ruby can help you find the things you really want to do in your life. Rubies can also be used to help you overcome obstacles that have stopped you in the past or self-destructive patterns.

The Lion Connection

The animal guide that resonates with Ruby's lessons is the lion. The lion teaches us the importance of our role in society and owning our own justice and power. It also teaches us to take control of our own lives and be passionate about it.

Working with Ruby

When using Ruby, call upon other fiery energies to enhance your work with this crystal. The element related to Ruby is the element of fire, so you can use fire to cleanse your rubies. Ideally, if you have an open fire, such as a campfire, leave your Ruby about three feet from the flames and let the heat cleanse and rebalance the crystal. If you don't have access to an open fire and need to clean your crystal immediately, light a candle and pass it through the flame three times to allow the fire to clean the crystal in this way.

The planet that harmonizes with the Ruby is Mars, and Mars rules Tuesday. If you work with the Ruby on Tuesday, you will also benefit from the energy of Mars which is very strong on that day.

Archangel Michael

The great energy that resonates with the Ruby is the Archangel Michael. The energy of the Ruby resonates with Michael, especially in his capacity as the guardian of the element of fire. Michael is here on earth to help us find our passion, pursue it and get rid of the obstacles in our way. Ruby does the same thing. He ignites that passion in us, protects us and helps us overcome obstacles. Holding a Ruby in your hands and communicating with Michael can help guide you and get rid of anything you no longer want in your life.

In conclusion, the Ruby is a powerful and fiery crystal that can help you ignite your passion, find your personal power and overcome obstacles. It can be used for love, motivation, protection and connection with Leo. Work with the Ruby can be enhanced by using other fiery energies, such as fire and Mars energy. Archangel Michael is an ideal energy to work with the Ruby. Ruby is an excellent addition to your crystal collection and can help you live your life to its fullest potential.