Sodalite Meaning - Healing Properties and Uses

Sodalite: A crystal for order, clarity and focus

Sodalite is a deep, rich blue crystal found in various parts of the world. Although it resembles lapis lazuli, it is a very different crystal energetically. Sodalite is great for strengthening your rational and logical mind, making it an excellent crystal to work with if your life is chaotic and you need to get your thoughts in order. Let’s explore the many benefits of Sodalite and how you can begin to use it to help you every day.

Improving the Mind

Sodalite is a crystal popularly known as a blue crystal, but it also comes in two other colors, yellow and green. It is also known as hackman, a special type of sodalite that changes color depending on the amount of light or heat that surrounds it. Sodalite is ideal for studying, developing ideas, and bringing order to one's life and mind. It helps ensure that emotions and thoughts do not become overwhelming and remain under control, acting as guidance systems to guide you along your path.

This is also known to help with panic attacks, making it an excellent crystal to keep if you tend to suffer from high anxiety or panic attacks. Sodalite is also useful for those with a fear of flying, as it can be beneficial to wear during takeoff and landing. In addition, sodalite is ideal for people who travel a lot or have a transient life, as it helps to bring order and structure.

Mental Health Support

With ADHD and ADHD becoming more prevalent in today's society, sodalite is a crystal that can really help with focus. It is ideal for people with ADHD or ADD, as it helps them regain clarity and ensure that they are not easily distracted. Pairing sodalite with other crystals such as lepidolite, which contains a lot of lithium and can be very calming, and chrysocolla, which helps focus energy and is the ideal crystal for ADHD sufferers, can help ADHD or ADD sufferers focus and use their talents in ways that are most beneficial to themselves and everyone else.

Sodalite is also good for older people to work with, as it helps to keep the mind agile. A little meditation or Sudoku each day can help maintain an optimal mental state. Sodalite is also ideal for those going through aging, dealing with the departure of their children, or those about to retire, as it allows them to control the next steps instead of fearing them and helps them structure their lives again.

Fostering camaraderie and friendship

When working in a group or community, sodalite is an excellent crystal to have on hand as it promotes camaraderie and friendship. It helps people work together toward a common goal and align with what they are working on. It is also a crystal of honesty and trust, which is essential when working in a group to ensure that everyone presents a united front and to defend against things that could go wrong, such as addiction or relying too much on other people.

Clearing your sodalite

Before you begin working with your sodalite, it is essential to cleanse it so that it returns to its natural balance and produces the best possible effects and energy. Different ways to cleanse the crystals include passing them through smoke or placing them outside on windy days. 
Working with Sodalite

Sodalite is an incredible crystal that can help you in many areas of your life. It is especially helpful for those who need to get their thoughts in order, who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, or who have difficulty focusing. It promotes companionship, honesty and trust, and is ideal for the elderly. Before working with your sodalite, be sure to purify it to bring it back into its natural balance. By incorporating Sodalite into your life, you can enjoy its many benefits and lead a more fulfilling life.