Sunstone Meaning - Healing Properties and Uses

Sunstone : Connecting to the masculine energy

Sunstone is a crystal that embodies the energy of the sun. It is a very masculine yang energy that can help you connect to the masculine side of yourself, regardless of your gender. The crystal is associated with solar gods such as Apollo, Helios, or Capri, and it can also bring in masculine energy. The Sunstone is a beautiful crystal to work with to honor the divine male.

The Sunstone is an orange crystal that works with the sacral chakra. Our sacral chakra governs our intimate relationships, which means that the Sunstone can bring joy and happiness to all family relationships. However, it will not sweep problems under the rug. Like a strong and powerful father figure, the Sunstone will force you to face these problems and deal with them. Once you resolve them, you will experience true joy and happiness.

Sunstone can be used to brighten and bring joyful energy into your life. Wearing it or working with it encourages you to relax and not take life too seriously. As you begin to move your body, energy begins to flow through your body and you begin to relax and not take life too seriously. Sunstone is also helpful in expanding your horizons. Just as the sun helps things grow, the Sunstone can also help your life grow. If you're looking to get a promotion or expand your business, building a grid and placing Sunstone on it can help.

This stone is easy to clean, just leave it in the sun. Sunstone is associated with the sun, so Sunday is the best day to work with your Sunstone. Meditate with it, clean it on that day and do the important work on a Sunday. 

This is a beautiful crystal that helps balance the masculine side and connect to the sun. It is a great crystal to use in the summer to connect to the sun and the warmth of that time. It is also useful in winter, especially in late winter when you are feeling down and uninspired. Sunstone can bring joy and brightness to your life and help you grow and improve your life every day.

In conclusion, the Sunstone is a powerful crystal that can help you connect to the masculine energy and bring joy and radiance into your life. Working with this stone can help you manage your intimate relationships and turn negative experiences into positive ones. It is an excellent crystal to use when you want to expand your horizons and bring more joy into your life. Sunstone is a crystal you definitely want to have in your collection.