Unakite Meaning - Healing Properties and Uses

Unakite: The crystal of self-love and fulfilling human relationships

Unakite is a unique crystal that is a combination of two different crystals growing together, orthoclase feldspar and epidote. The orange color of the crystal comes from orthoclase feldspar, while the green color comes from epidote. These two crystals work together to provide a unique combination that helps you in your self-love and in your relationships with others.

One of the main uses of Unakite is to increase self-esteem. The crystal orange allows you to work with and strengthen your sacral chakra, allowing you to feel comfortable building intimate relationships with others. Green epidote helps nurture self-love in a beautiful way.

Using Unakite as an Affirmation Stone

One way to work with Unakite is to use it as an affirmation stone each morning. When you get up, hold your Unakite against your heart and say a few positive affirmations about self-esteem that will help you feel better about yourself. Then continue to carry the crystal with you each day to keep this strength within you.

Self-esteem increases as you feel better about yourself. Unakite can be used to develop and nurture the relationships in your life. First, it can be programmed to attract new friends or loves into your life. Second, it can help nurture and grow those relationships to make them stronger.

How to clean your Unakite

To get the most out of your Unakite, it is essential to clean it regularly. First, cleanse your Unakite with the Earth element and, ideally, bury it in natural soil overnight to allow it to rid itself of any energies that are not its own and restore its full capacity and strength.

Planet: Venus

The planet it is associated with is Venus. It rules on Friday. Friday is an ideal day to cleanse your crystal, work with your crystal, meditate with your crystal. Do your main work. So Unakite can help you feel good about yourself and feel good about your relationships with others and share your gifts with other people by forming those intimate relationships.


Unakite is a crystal that can help you in your self-love and relationships with others. Its unique combination of orange and green colors can help you feel comfortable in and nurture intimate relationships with others. Unakite is also ideal for preserving what is important to you, including the natural environment. If you are looking for a crystal that helps you feel good about yourself and build new, fulfilling relationships in your life, Unakite is the crystal for you.